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On February 7, 2024, Governor Ned Lamont released his recommended budget adjustments for fiscal year 2025 — the second year of the state's biennial budget. The governor's proposal would alter the current state budget and make a number of changes to policies and funding for K-12 education — including reducing funding appropriated for public schools by $62.9 million.

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Education Funding

This interactive graphic explores the process a bill before the Connecticut General Assembly must go through to become law if it has an associated cost to the State. This cost is known as a "fiscal note" and can create some additional steps for bills to take before they ultimately pass the legislature.

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As part of the biennial budget for fiscal years 2018-19, the Connecticut General Assembly passed two fiscal accountability measures, known as the spending cap and the volatility cap. During the 2023 legislative session, the legislature renewed and made several changes to these caps. This resource includes policy briefings on the spending and volatility caps enacted in FY 2018 as well as what changes were made to the caps in 2023.

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State Budget

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