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Since our founding, the School and State Finance Project has been committed to producing high-quality research, analyses, and evidence-based policy recommendations all while conducting our work with independence and integrity. This work is made possible by the generous support of our funders, and we are incredibly grateful for their contributions.

Below is a list of funders who have contributed to our organization.

  • Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation
  • Vance Foundation
  • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
  • Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Our Funding Principles

While we are always appreciative of those interested in contributing to our work, the School and State Finance Project only accepts funding that adheres to the principles listed below, which are designed to uphold our independence and maintain the integrity of our work.

Funding Does Not Influence Our Mission and Research

All of our research, policy work, and community outreach is done free from any influence, interference, or directive from our funders. While we always welcome comments from our funders and the public, we do not produce or alter any of our research, data findings, or policy positions based on the funding we receive.

Editorial Control Rests Solely with Staff

Additionally, we only accept funding from funders who agree that our staff has sole discretion over the work we do, the research we perform, and the content we produce. All editorial control rests with our staff, and none of our research or content is shared with our funders, for review or approval, prior to release.

Staff Determines Policy Priorities & Organizational Direction

Finally, to maintain our independence and be free from any potential conflict or influence, all decisions regarding the organization and its staff are made solely by the leadership of the School and State Finance Project. While the board of directors for TSNE, our fiscal sponsor, serves as the fiscal and governance oversight for our organization as required by law, all decisions regarding staff, leadership, and the direction of the organization rests with our team.