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Ever wonder what would happen if you changed part of the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula? Now you can! Our interactive tool gives you control of the ECS formula and allows you to change specific parts of the formula and see instantly how your changes impact the state budget and town ECS grants.

Helpful Tips for Using the Tool

  • Use the sliders on the tool to adjust each formula factor.
  • As you move the slider right or left for each factor, the impact of your changes will be automatically calculated and displayed near the bottom of the tool.
  • To view the impacts of your changes without scrolling, click one of the View Outputs buttons on the tool.
  • To minimize a section of the tool, click the dash in the upper right-hand corner of the section you wish to minimize.
  • Hover over the blue question marks on the tool for more information.

ECS Interactive Tool


The above tool is for educational/informational purposes only. The tool is designed to calculate approximate impacts to ECS funding based on certain changes. All numbers calculated as a result of user changes to the formula are estimates and are not intended for official use.

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