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Consulting Services

We offer a variety of fee-based consulting services that harness our data, policy, communications, and community engagement expertise and experience to provide partners with the assistance and support needed to achieve their goals. Explore our consulting work below for more information, or contact us at to learn how our team can help your organization reach its goals.

Consulting Services Data Analysis Visualizations

Data Analysis & Visualization

From analyzing data-sets for meaningful insights to creating impactful visualizations, our team has the experience and skills to turn your data into more valuable, accessible information.

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Consulting Services District Budgeting Resource Allocation

District Budgeting & Resource Allocation

With experience analyzing school district budgets and developing resource allocation models, our staff has the expertise needed to help district leaders better understand how funds are being used and how to best allocate resources to meet district goals.

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Consulting Services State Funding Formula Analysis Dev

State Funding Formula Analysis & Development

Whether it’s a comprehensive analysis of how a state funds education or the development of a new funding formula, our team has the knowledge and expertise to design policy solutions that meet your needs.

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Consulting Services Program Design Evaluation

Program Design & Evaluation

Combining our data and policy knowledge with our communications and community engagement skills, our team is equipped to craft and evaluate programs to get results for districts and communities.

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Consulting Services Policy Design Analysis

Policy Design & Analysis

Through creative, thoughtful, and data-driven solutions, our team has a proven track record of designing policies that address some of the toughest education funding and state finance challenges.

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Consulting Services District Enrollment Projections

National Organization Partnerships

We use our expertise in education finance to partner with national organizations on specific projects and initiatives aimed at increasing equity in education funding.

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State Local Partnerships 500x300

Partnering with State & Local Nonprofits

Our team works with nonprofit organizations, large and small, to meet their programmatic goals through data-related support and assistance.

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