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2023 Legislative Changes to Excess Cost Grant

Apr 10, 2023 - less than 1 minute

The Excess Cost grant is the State of Connecticut’s method for sharing in the expense for students who have extraordinary special education needs and associated costs.

During the 2023 legislative session, the General Assembly increased the appropriated amount of the Excess Cost grant from $140.6 million to $156.1 million, and amended the grant’s formula for reimbursing school districts. The formula changes were made in order to address unforeseen issues with the previous formula revisions made as part of the FY 2023 state budget adjustments passed during the 2022 legislative session.

This document explains how the new Excess Cost grant is allocated, the issues with the previous changes (those made in 2022) to the grant program, and how those issues were remedied during the General Assembly’s 2023 legislative session.


School and State Finance Project. (2023). 2023 Legislative Changes to Excess Cost Grant. Hamden, CT: Author. Retrieved from



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