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Combined Investment Funds Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Office of the State Treasurer)

Jan 2, 2019

This annual report from Connecticut's Office of the Treasurer provides data and information about Connecticut's Combined Investment Funds (CIF). According to the Office of the Treasurer, the "CIF were established as a means to invest pension and trust fund assets entrusted to the Treasurer in a variety of investment classes," and the CIF's primary purpose is to help the State pay its pension obligations.

The CIF are comprised of separate pooled investment funds: Liquidity Fund, Alternative Investment Fund, Mutual Equity Fund, Core Fixed Income Fund, Inflation Linked Bond Fund, Emerging Market Debt Fund, High Yield Debt Fund, Developed Markets International Stock Fund, Emerging Markets International Stock Fund, Real Estate Fund, Commercial Mortgage Fund, and Private Investment Fund.

The units of the CIF are owned by six pension funds: Teachers’ Retirement Fund; State Employees’ Retirement Fund; Connecticut Municipal Employees’ Retirement Fund; State Judges’ Retirement Fund; Probate Court Retirement Fund; and State’s Attorneys’ Retirement Fund.

In addition, the CIF are owned by nine trust funds: Soldiers’ Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund; Police and Fireman’ Survivors’ Benefit Fund; Connecticut Arts Endowment Fund; School Fund; Ida Eaton Cotton Fund; Hopemead State Park Fund; Andrew C. Clark Fund; Agricultural College Fund and State of Connecticut Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust Fund.

Citation for Most Recent Report

Nappier, D.L. (2018). Combined Investment Funds Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2018. Hartford, CT: State of Connecticut, Office of the State Treasurer. Retrieved from


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