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Putting Together the Pieces of Connecticut School Finance (INFOGRAPHIC)

Aug 5, 2016 - less than 1 minute

This infographic from the Connecticut School Finance Project details how a well-functioning school finance system is made up of several pieces. The infographic describes how each piece is important to providing students and schools with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. The pieces needed to create an equitable school finance system include:

  • State education funding is allocated to schools and districts equitably, based on students' learning needs.
  • Cities and towns contribute an appropriate amount of education funding, based on each community's wealth, for the public school students in their city or town.
  • Districts spend education dollars effectively and transparently, while also equitably distributing funds across their schools.


Connecticut School Finance Project. (2016). Putting Together the Pieces of Connecticut School Finance [Infographic]. New Haven, CT. Retrieved from


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