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Potential Financial Impacts of State Charter Schools on Local Public School Districts

Connecticut has various public school options for students and their families. Charter schools are among these options — publicly funded and established through a charter agreement under Connecticut state law, charter schools operate independently of local or regional boards of education.

In Connecticut, all charter schools receive funding through local, state, and federal sources, while some charter schools receive philanthropic donations or local tuition. For most charter schools, the aid received from the State is their primary funding source, with charter schools receiving state dollars through a separate funding stream than local school districts. However, despite charter schools receiving most of their funding through state sources, local school districts may still be impacted financially by the opening and operation of a charter school.

This briefing focuses on the potential financial implications of state charter schools on local school districts. Please note these financial implications are difficult to estimate due to student populations, special education expenses, and transportation requirements.

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