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WSHU: Education coalition wants $275 million for Connecticut school districts

Molly Ingram, WSHU

February 03, 2023 - less than 1 minute

A bipartisan coalition of educators, legislators and advocates are fighting for more money for school districts that are often overlooked and underfunded.

The coalition is asking for $275 million — a number that advocates say would help work toward a permanent solution to the state’s education inequity problem.

Rep. Antonio Felipe (D-CT) said the money would benefit districts like Bridgeport, where he grew up.

“As a Bridgeport public school student, I went from school to school,” Felipe said. “Some schools with no cafeterias, some with no gymnasiums, run-down bathrooms, missing windows, you name it. Breezes coming through in the winter that made you feel like you needed two coats.”

Rep. Kathleen McCarty (R-CT) of Waterford is a ranking member of the education committee.

“This bill recognizes students in all types of school settings: magnet, technical and charter,” McCarty said. “And it really tries to address the learning needs of all of our students.”

Governor Ned Lamont has not committed to supporting the bill and has instead said he would like districts to use all of their federal COVID-19 money first.

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