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CTNewsJunkie: Lawmakers and Educators Rally Against Proposed Changes to Education Funding

Hudson Kamphausen, CTNewsJunkie

February 15, 2024 - less than 1 minute

Lawmakers and educators on Thursday asked Gov. Ned Lamont to “keep his promise to students” and not cut funding earmarked for K-12 education finance reforms throughout the state.

The battle over the funding has been brewing since last week when Lamont proposed cutting $62.9 million from K-12 education finance reform funds, $48 million of which would be deducted from the $150 million that was appropriated as part of the two-year budget passed last year.

Cutting funding, which in turn leads to cuts to teachers and resources for students, is untenable to both lawmakers and educators who attended Thursday’s news conference at the Legislative Office Building.

Kate Dias, president of the Connecticut Education Association, said the state cannot pay for education “with a coupon,” and that budget cuts would result in the loss of valuable teachers for many districts. Education is an asset, she said, and should not be treated as a liability.

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