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CT Examiner: Lawmakers Pitch Bill to Fast-Track Funding for Connecticut’s Public Schools

Emilia Otte, CT Examiner

April 26, 2022 - less than 1 minute

At a press conference on Tuesday, advocates and legislators gathered in support of a bill that will increase funding for public schools across the state — a decision that supporters say will help address the existing racial and socioeconomic divides in the education system.


Under current law, the state is scheduled to increase funding for lower-income districts and decrease funding for wealthier districts over a period of ten years, reaching “full funding” of the districts in the year 2030.

The proposed bill would fast-track the funding formula so that poorer districts would receive their 2030 funding levels beginning in 2025, while continuing the gradual phase-out for wealthier districts scheduled to lose state funds.

Proponents added that having the additional funding begin in 2025 would ease the anticipated loss of funding when the federal coronavirus relief funds expire in 2024.

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