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Connecticut Post: CT schools are bracing for cuts and layoffs. Gov. Lamont's budget proposal won't help

Alex Putterman, Connecticut Post

February 01, 2024 - less than 1 minute

Hundreds of staff members at Connecticut schools could face layoffs as federal pandemic-relief funds expire, and state lawmakers appear unlikely to come to the rescue.

A year after signing off on $150 million in additional funding for K-12 education, Gov. Ned Lamont will seek to redirect some of those funds to early child care, his budget chief said Wednesday.

That idea has already rankled some lawmakers and advocates, who view that money as essential for local school districts that are already struggling financially.


"Unfortunately you see it all across the state," said Lisa Hammersley, executive director of the School and State Finance Project, a non-profit advocacy group based in Hamden. "District after district after district is facing significant deficits, and students will definitely be impacted as a result of the elimination of these resources."

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