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Workshops for the 2023-24 School Year

Below are the workshops we're offering for the 2023-24 school year. To schedule a workshop, or for more information, click the "Schedule Workshop" button and a member of our Community Engagement team will contact you shortly.

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School Finance 101: Understanding State & Local Education Budgets

Recommended time: 1 hour

This workshop introduces participants to the flow of funds from the state to school districts, and equips them with the skills needed to engage with their school budget at a local level. We will cover how state aid to districts is calculated, look at all other funding methods for different types of schools, discuss special education funding, and cover the federal COVID-relief funding for education. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the school finance system and how to engage within this system.

Keys to Success: How to Talk About the Things You Care About

Recommended time: 1 hour

Are you passionate about changing something? Do you want to improve the way you share your passions with others so they’re just as captivated as you are? This workshop is designed to equip participants with the tools necessary to be civically engaged and active in their communities. We will use Marshall Ganz’s three aspects of storytelling (Story of Me, Story of Us, and Story of Now) to build our personal stories, and then pair strategies to share your story while advocating for policy change. Finally, we will talk about essential relationship building — connecting with those who can ensure your story has impact.

The Civics of Education: Policy & Change

Recommended time: 1 hour

When’s the last time you questioned something and were met with the response, “That’s the policy”? Did you ever wonder what policy is, who makes the policy, or how you can go about changing policy? How do you add your voice to the education conversation in your community and in the state? In this workshop, we will examine the nature of education beyond the walls of a classroom. We will explore what “policy” is, the roles and stakeholders that intersect with the education decision-making processes, and where you can have the most impact for change. Participants will leave this workshop with a working knowledge of how community members interact with policy and affect policy change.

History of Education in Connecticut

Recommended time: 1 hour

This workshop explores the path to where we are currently, using a timeline anchored in the history of education in Connecticut. We will trace back the origins of our current education funding system, examine the impact of redlining and housing segregation, and explore different curricular changes that have happened throughout the state’s history and how they have impacted students, families, and communities.

The Complexities of Municipal Finance

Recommended time: 1 hour

Wondering what the financial state of the State is? Curious as to how money flows into your community? In this workshop, we will explore the types of revenue municipalities receive and budget for as well as the process and timeline for municipal budgeting. Finally, we will equip you to participate in the budget process in your community year-round.

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