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Reports, Statements, and Related Materials (Connecticut Spending Cap Commission)

Jan 20, 2017

Established by Section 24 of Conn. Acts 15-1 (December Special Session), the Spending Cap Commission was "charged with creating, for the purposes of the state's constitutional general budget expenditures requirements, proposed definitions of (1) 'increase in personal income,' (2) 'increase in inflation,' and (3) 'general budget expenditures.'"

The 24-member Commission, however, did not issue an official final report because its members were unable to agree on a set of recommendations for defining the three items outlined in the Commission's charge.

Instead of a final report, the Commission's chairpersons submitted their own report, with various Commission members submitting “separate statements."

Citation for the Report of the Commission's Chairpersons

Widlitz, P., & Cibes Jr., W.J. (2017). Report of the Chairpersons, Spending Cap Commission. Hartford, CT: Connecticut General Assembly, Spending Cap Commission. Retrieved from


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