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Monthly State Budget Forecasts (Office of Policy and Management)

May 20, 2024

On or before the 20th day of each month, Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management, in compliance with section 4-66 of the state's General Statutes, provides the state comptroller with a forecast of revenues and expenditures for the state's General Fund.

The analysis includes a statement of estimated revenues and expenditures for the completed current fiscal year, based on the actual revenues and expenditures recognized for the fiscal-year-to-date, as of the end of the previous month, adjusted for any anticipated events or actions which were unforeseen at the time the budget was adopted.

Monthly analyses may include:

  • A comparison of the most-currently-revised estimates to the budget enacted and/or revised by the legislature;
  • Estimated revenues detailed by source;
  • Net changes in anticipated expenditures relative to previous estimates;
  • An estimate of lapses (previously anticipated expenditures which currently are not expected to occur);
  • A summary of the impact of all of the revised estimates and determination of the resulting surplus/deficit from operations expected at the end of the fiscal year; and/or
  • A general discussion of the changes, their impacts, and any other relevant issues.

Citation for the Most Recent Forecast

Beckham, J.R. (2024). Letter to Connecticut State Comptroller Sean Scanlon, May 20, 2024. Hartford, CT: State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management. Retrieved from


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