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Fiscal Accountability Reports (Office of Fiscal Analysis)

Nov 19, 2021

Each November, in accordance with state statute, the Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Fiscal Analysis produces a Fiscal Accountability Report. According to statute, the report must explain: (1) the level of spending changes from current year spending allowed by consensus revenue estimates, (2) any changes to current year spending necessary because of “fixed cost drivers,” and (3) the total change to current year spending required to accommodate fixed cost drivers without exceeding current revenue estimates. For the most recent report, fixed cost drivers include debt service, pension contributions, retiree health care, entitlement programs, and federal mandates.

Citation for Most Recent Report

Connecticut General Assembly, Office of Fiscal Analysis. (2021). OFA Fiscal Accountability Report, FY 22 - FY 26. Hartford, CT: Author. Retrieved from

Citation for Most Recent Slide Presentation

Ayers, N. (2020). Fiscal Accountability Presentation [PowerPoint slides]. Hartford, CT: Connecticut General Assembly, Office of Fiscal Analysis. Retrieved from


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