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Statement on Governor Lamont's Proposed Budget Adjustments for FY 2023

Lisa Hammersley, School + State Finance Project

February 09, 2022 - less than 1 minute

The pandemic has strained public school systems and has created new academic and social-emotional obstacles for Connecticut’s students that cannot be overlooked. Now more than ever, our schools need the financial resources to help students face these challenges.

Unfortunately, Governor Lamont’s proposed budget fails to provide these necessary resources, meet the long-term mental health and social-emotional needs of students, or take the steps needed to reduce the alarming economic and racial disparities in Connecticut education funding.

With state revenues at record highs and an overflowing Rainy Day Fund, it’s time for Connecticut to fulfill its commitment by fully funding education and providing resources to all students according to their learning needs.

Time and time again, research has shown that additional education funding improves student outcomes, results in higher test scores and graduation rates, reduces poverty, and increases earnings for life. Simply put: Connecticut’s students are well worth the investment.

We urge legislators to reject the governor’s proposed budget and pass a student-centered funding system this legislative session that will finally provide the education funding and stability our students, teachers, and communities need and deserve.

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