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Ever wonder how school districts spend their money? Use the visualization below to see how much a district spends on instruction, support services, central office, transportation, and other noninstructional services, and how a district's spending compares to the state average.

Use the drop-down menu on the left to select a district. To view how much a district spent on a particular category (both in terms of percentage and total dollars), simply hover over that portion of the district's bar graph. To remove a category from the graph, click on the category in the legend of the chart, or double click on a category in the legend to isolate the category.


Each selected district's comparison districts are based on a number of factors that take into consideration each district's: student population, community needs and wealth, geographical location, grades served, and district structure (ex. regional school district). To better compare districts' student populations and community needs, District Reference Group (DRG) placement was used as one factor in identifying comparison districts.

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