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Education Funding 101: ECS Grant and Choice Schools (Office of Fiscal Analysis & Office of Legislative Research)

Feb 1, 2023

This presentation from the Office of Fiscal Analysis and Office of Legislative Research covers Connecticut's ECS grant, funding formulas for public schools of choice, and state education funding for each public school type.

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OLR Backgrounder: School Transportation Requirements (Office of Legislative Research

Aug 3, 2022

This report from the Connecticut General Assembly's nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research details the requirements Connecticut school districts must follow relating to student transportation to and from school.

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Sheff v. O'Neill Supreme Court Ruling and Subsequent Stipulation Agreements

Mar 21, 2022

Sheff v. O'Neill is a school segregation case that began in 1989 when a group of city and suburban parents argued that public schools in Hartford were segregated, underfunded, and denied students in the Hartford area their constitutional right to an adequate and equal education due to the disparities in the distribution of funding and resources between communities of color in Hartford and the adjacent, majority white suburbs. This resource details the 1996 Connecticut Supreme Court ruling in the case, as well as the stipulated agreements and proposed settlement that followed.

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Issue Brief: Public Schools of Choice (Office of Legislative Research)

Dec 13, 2018

This issue brief from the Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Legislative Research examines the public schools of choice that Connecticut offers, including charter schools, magnet schools, agricultural science and technology centers (i.e., “vo-ag centers”), and technical high schools.

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Participation in Connecticut's Open Choice Program, 2013-2018 (CT State Department of Education)

May 23, 2018

This spreadsheet, from Connecticut's State Department of Education, details the number of students participating in Connecticut's Open Choice program — by resident town — each year from the 2013-14 school year to the 2017-18 school year.

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