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Annual Reports (Office of the State Treasurer)

Dec 29, 2023

Each year, in accordance with state statutes, the Office of the State Treasurer releases an Annual Report that includes "quantitative data, explanatory comments, and financial information regarding the Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds; the Short-Term Investment Fund; and the Connecticut Higher Education Trust, Connecticut’s 529 College Savings Program." The Annual Report also includes information about the "operations of the divisions of Cash Management, Debt Management, Pension Funds Management, Second Injury Fund and Unclaimed Property."

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Annual Reports (Office of the State Comptroller)

Dec 29, 2023

Each year, as required by state statute, the State Comptroller releases a report detailing the balances for the State's various funds. This report also details realized revenue versus budgeted revenue for specific State funds.

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Office of the State Comptroller)

Feb 24, 2023

Published annually by the State Comptroller, this report provides a detailed look at the state's finances and provides insight into Connecticut's overall fiscal health. Included in the yearly report are fund balances as well as information on items impacting Connecticut's fiscal situation, including the state's cash deposits and investments, current liabilities, long-term debt, state retirement systems, and capital assets.

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Annual Reports (Department of Revenue Services)

Jan 3, 2022

Every year, Connecticut's Department of Revenue Services releases a report providing an overview of the State's taxes and the revenue Connecticut has collected. Included in this annual report is a summary of legislation passed during the previous Connecticut legislative session that impacts taxes. For each tax, the report provides a brief description of the tax and includes details such as: revenue generated from the tax, basis and rate of the tax, number of taxpayers and filing frequency, and exemptions to the tax.

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Combined Investment Funds Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Office of the State Treasurer)

Jan 2, 2019

This annual report from Connecticut's Office of the Treasurer provides data and information about Connecticut's Combined Investment Funds (CIF). According to the Office of the Treasurer, the "CIF were established as a means to invest pension and trust fund assets entrusted to the Treasurer in a variety of investment classes," and the CIF's primary purpose is to help the State pay its pension obligations.

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