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Comparing the Governor’s Latest FY 2016-17 Budget Proposal to Full Education Cost Sharing Grant Funding

Apr 14, 2016 - less than 1 minute

On April 12, 2016, Governor Dannel Malloy proposed revisions to his original February 2016 budget for fiscal year 2016-17. If the governor’s latest budget proposal were enacted, towns, in total, would receive approximately $53 million less in Education Cost Sharing grants than they received this year. However, although towns will have ECS decreases totaling $53 million it appears $10 million was supported by the Municipal Revenue Sharing Account, which will be picked up by the General Fund and make the net decrease $43 million.

In his original FY 2016-17 budget released in February, Malloy recommended ECS grants stay the same as the estimated grants for FY 2015-16. However, under the governor’s latest proposed budget, about 30 towns will receive no ECS funding. Included in these towns are those who were previously “held harmless”. Additionally, under the governor’s latest proposal, over 20 towns would have grants greater than 100 percent of their fully funded grants.

A full listing of the proposed ECS grants is contained in this document.


Connecticut School Finance Project. (2016). Comparing the Governor’s Latest FY’ 2016-17 Budget Proposal to Full Education Cost Sharing Grant Funding. New Haven, CT: Author. Retrieved from


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