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Analysis of Senate and House Revised Proposed Changes to Education Funding (September 13)

Sep 13, 2017 - less than 1 minute

On September 12, Senate and House Republicans released their revised budget proposal for the FY 2018–FY 2019 biennium. Included in this budget proposal were several changes to Connecticut's Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula.

In an effort to provide useful information for policymakers, educators, community leaders, and all individuals interested in how Connecticut funds its public schools, the Connecticut School Finance Project has prepared an independent analysis examining the Republicans' proposed school funding changes.

The analysis details the components and characteristics of the Republicans' proposed changes, and highlights how they account for students with higher learning needs (ex. low-income students, English Learners, students with disabilities). The analysis also examines the formula based on a series of equity metrics. Additionally, the analysis includes a town-by-town list of estimated ECS and special education funding per pupil under the Republicans' revised proposal.


Connecticut School Finance Project. (2017). Funding Formula Analysis: Senate and House Republicans' Proposed Changes to Education Funding, September 13. New Haven, CT: Author. Retrieved from


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