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The 74: Suburban Districts Cry Foul As Connecticut Governor Looks to Shift State Funds to Poorer Urban Schools

Naomi Nix, The 74

February 21, 2017 - less than 1 minute

The $20 billion budget [Governor] Malloy unveiled earlier this month shifts state education funding from suburban and rural communities to poverty-stricken urban school systems, setting up what will likely be a months-long legislative battle.

Currently, $2 billion in state school funding is distributed through the Education Cost Sharing formula, which attempts to bridge the difference between the revenue a community generates from property taxes and the actual cost of running its schools. The formula has been underfunded for years.

Malloy proposed decreasing funding to some 130 towns and communities and increasing aid to 30 poorer districts. Many of the suburban communities would effectively get no funding through that formula, policymakers and advocates say.


Still, even advocates for fairer school funding are skeptical of the governor’s proposal


The Connecticut School Finance Project said the proposal didn’t go far enough.

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