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Connecticut Mirror: School funding reform: Ideas and challenges aplenty

Jacqueline Rabe Thomas, Connecticut Mirror

February 06, 2017 - less than 1 minute

Seeing an opportunity to implement bold school finance reforms – and wary the Supreme Court will rule the current setup unconstitutional – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said during his high-profile State of the State address in January that he plans to propose a school-funding system that is “more fair, transparent, accountable and adaptable.”

He has since signaled that he plans to propose sending more aid to the most impoverished school districts, which were the focus of the school-funding case.

“We really can’t tolerate these extensive concentrations of poverty,” he told reporters last week. “We are not failing wealthy people in our state. We’re failing poor people in our state. We’re failing black kids and brown kids and kids living in poverty of all colors in urban areas and some of our small towns, and it’s time for us to come to grips with that.”

With the governor set to lay out his proposals for education aid this week, numerous advocacy groups, rank-and-file legislators and the group suing the state have been pitching changes they would like to see. The bulk of the ideas are not new – but most would be controversial or expensive.

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