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Connecticut Mirror: School funding falls far short of leveling the playing field for CT students

Jacqueline Rabe Thomas, Connecticut Mirror

September 17, 2020 - less than 1 minute

The state’s school funding formula is failing to bridge the divide between what rich and poor towns can afford to spend on educating their students. To close these yawning disparities, the state needs to spend anywhere from an additional $338 million to $1.7 billion more a year.

These are the conclusions of a trio of analyses on how the state funds its schools. Those studies – by the New England Public Policy Center, the School and State Finance Project, and the Rutgers Graduate School of Education – were provided to the CT Mirror this week.


An analysis by The School and State Finance Project found that the state’s school-funding formula is $338 million short of leveling the playing field between the Black and Hispanic students attending segregated traditional public schools and the students attending suburban schools with few minorities. Charter schools, which are also overwhelmingly segregated, would need $52 million more to bridge the gap. There is no disparity in magnet schools, the bulk of which were opened in the wake of a landmark school desegregation case.

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