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Connecticut Post: Report - State needs to increase education funding to Bridgeport

Linda Conner Lambeck, Connecticut Post

July 19, 2016 - less than 1 minute

No municipality in the state spends less of its tax money on per-pupil spending than Bridgeport.

In fact, less is spent overall on per pupil spending in Bridgeport than in Fairfield, Stratford, Milford and more than two-thirds of all the school districts in the state.

While city school board members have argued this point for years, a new report by a group pointing out inequities in public education funding may provide fresh ammunition in the fight for additional state funding.

“Policymakers need to hear specific examples about what is happening in the districts,” said Katie Roy, director and founder of the Connecticut School Finance Project. “Too many don’t realize the realities Bridgeport Public Schools face every day.”

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