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Danbury Daily Voice: Danbury Schools Face Challenges Of More Students, More Requirements

Sarah Diamond Fox, Danbury Daily Voice

August 19, 2016 - less than 1 minute

Members of the community gathered Thursday to discuss the many challenges facing the Danbury Public School system in the coming year and to hear from the city's leaders, including Mayor Mark Boughton.

About 40 people attended the Danbury Public Schools Funding meeting held at the Western Connecticut Academy of International Studies.

Challenges include the continued growth of student enrollment across all grade levels, the growing list of high school graduation requirements and the increased number of English language learners, low-income students and special education students in the Danbury schools.

In a PowerPoint presentation, Katie Roy, founder of the Connecticut School Finance Project, said it costs the Danbury school district $12,728 to educate each child.

Roy said Danbury should receive more state funds to support its schools. She said funding is often determined by what a school district has received in the past -- as well as what type of school it is, where it is located and what political power it has.

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