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The 74: Connecticut School Funding on Trial: After A Decade, Equity Gets Its Day in Court

Matt Barnum, The 74

March 31, 2016 - less than 1 minute

In courtroom 312 of the Hartford Superior Court, a handful of observers look on as lawyers argue in an often unintelligible mash-up of eduspeak and legalese. This much is clear: the plaintiffs want schools to be equitably funded. The defendant is the state of Connecticut, which says there is already enough money to go around — and adding money isn’t a sure bet to improve schools anyway.

A day at trial in early March found the court considering value-added measures of teacher quality, the extent to which qualifications predict teacher effectiveness, and how best to spend scarce resources. The discussion wasn’t at all theoretical: the case will help determine the course of public education in Connecticut — how it is funded and whether students in poor districts get a fair opportunity to succeed.

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