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No personal, identifiable, or contact information is collected or required as part of this survey. Survey data and answers go only to the School and State Finance Project and will not be sold, transferred, or individually distributed outside of the organization.

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Your Connection to English Learner Education

Which option below best describes you? *

Your Student

What county do you live in? (See map below) *
What grade is your student in? If you have more than one student, select all grades that apply. *
When did your student(s) first enter their current school district? *

District Communication

Do you receive instruction and communication from your student's school district in your native language? *
Does your family have a case manager or liaison at the school? *
How often are you asked for feedback regarding your student's English Learner program or services? *
Once your student was identified as an English Learner, how easy or difficult was it to navigate programs and services? *

Access to Programs

Which type of program is your student(s) enrolled in? *
Did you have to enter a lottery system to access services or a program for your student? *
Please select the resources or services that your student has access to at school. (Check all that apply) *
How satisfied are you with the quality of English Learner programming for your student? *

Your District

Which county is your school district located? *
Please select your role/title. *

Your English Learner Program

What programs are offered in your school district? (Check all that apply) *

English Learner Resources

Do you work with community based organizations for wraparound EL services? *
Agree or Disagree: Your school district is adequately funded to serve English Learners. *
How often are you forced to make choices due to funding? *
How frequently do you have conversations with families about school funding? *

School Funding

Depending on the type of school (e.g. community, charter, or magnet), the state may provide additional funding for English Learners. How aware are you of Connecticut's school funding system? *
In order to change how much funding a school receives, districts may need to gather greater data about programs, services, or student need. How likely are you to support this collection of data? *